A short history of the enclosures in Ethiopia

By tracing the history of enclosures in Ethiopia we learn how common property was first turned into state property that now enables the transfer of land to private investors. Such historical political ecological analysis can help civil society organisations learn from past social struggles against the enclosures and for the commons.*


Tales of dispossession in times of crisis: lessons from Greece

The case of gold-extraction in Halkidiki is only one chapter in the “book of dispossessions” in Greece during the crisis period.  Land, natural resources and public infrastructure in Greece comprise investment targets for local and international speculative capital; their current exploitation is now taking place to unprecedented extent, intensity and geographical spread.*

Source: James Fryer/

Solidarity with Turkey’s universities and academics under threat

The ENTITLE (European Network of Political Ecology) collective is deeply concerned about recent infringements of academic freedom in Turkey and repudiates the purge of Turkey’s universities. We are in solidarity with threatened institutions, academics and staff and call for the respect of institutional autonomy, freedom of speech and human rights.